Luray Caverns -- Dream Lake and Need for Transparency in Life

Here we are in beautiful Dream Lake
The water is gentle, not even a wake
Look to the left, look to the right
You'll see colorful stone and creeping calactite
Let your mind excite
In Luray Caverns you can really take flight

In Dream Lake, you see the reflection of the stalagtites in the water. The illusion is so convincing that you have to look at it for several minutes before you're even slightly convinced that this is all a mirror image.

The pond looks quite deep, but at its deepest point, it is only a few inches deep

I am really glad I decided to stay a night at Hot Springs and visit the Luray Caverns in the Shenandoah Valley the next day. I knew there was another reason to stay longer. Not knowing much, I didn't expect much.

But when I entered the underground world, I was completely swept away by the beauty and majesty of it all.

The air was so cool and clean that I wanted to stay longer. The guide mentioned that it would take an hour to walk through. For me, I took almost three hours.

Besides the Lake, I was impressed with how so many of the formations resemble Disney characters, Greek Gods (Pluto, Serpenta of the Underworld), etc. Pluto is so pure white that it justs shines like a ghost.

I was even more amazed at the Cathedral to see the Great Stalacpipe Organ and where rocks sing.

When I finally surfaced, I actually wanted to stay longer and told myself that I would be back soon, I hope.

This memorial rest on the site where Andrew Campbell first discovered the Caverns in 1878.

The Lake is reflective (not transparent).  RUNIN starts with Reflection.  It is about looking deeply at yourself and understanding all the

Reflection starts with oneself but does not stop there—it is looking at the surface as well as probing deeper beyond. It is about understanding your abilities and capabilities as well as being open about your inabilities and mistakes.  And mostly it is being fully aware of your Responsibilities and to act responsibly.  If you are responsible, you tend not to blame others when bad things happen to you.  You take responsibility, even though you may have acted responsibly.  See the nuance.

Click here for more on the meaning of RUNIN

The Need for Transparency

There is a great need and value for transparency in our lives. Blogging is the ultimate in transparency. If I say the wrong thing, or I am misinformed, YOU the readers will correct me almost right away.

I can also bounce back fresh ideas with people in every corner of the world, many of whom are better informed and more knowledgeable than I am.

If I agree with a critique, I can take that information and improve, and if I'm going down the wrong path, I'm sure you will redirect me.

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