A Hometown Store that Dolls up Love


As I was driving home from my incredible tour of the Luray Caverns, the rain started pouring incessantly and my hunger was chiding me each mile I drove without a rest stop.

Call it good fortune, as I was passing through remote Amissville, a small town an hours drive from DC, my hunger finally got the best of me and coaxed me to turn my wheel towards a country store that was billed to serve up a good BBQ pulled pork sandwich.


I was struck by the hometown, casual, family-oriented atmosphere of this restaurant that also serves as a nice community-oriented consignment store.

The store was named Dolly's. Their specialty was pizza, wings and homemade sandwiches. Come to find out it was named after two people: Grandma Dolly and Dolly's sister-in-law who was also nicknamed Dolly.

Everything looked great -- there was not a single sandwich there that I wouldn't have wolfed down. However, today I could eat only one, perhaps two. So I treated myself to a delicious egg sandwich as well as a roasted turkey sandwich on wheat and rye.


I was impressed to see Grandma, Mom, daughter, nieces, nephews and in-laws all working together in unison.

They were all calling each other names like "Ma", "Love", "Sweetie" -- I enjoyed watching them all work together, just a family should, but rarely do now a days.

I came at the perfect time. Not only to get out of the rain, but Angelina, Jesse and several others were heading to FEDEX field to watch the Steelers play the Redskins. That's why, I'm sure, they were cooking up a batch of pizza and wings.

Family hard at work, but working closely together as if the family depended on it.

From left to right (the Women in the Family):

Jesse, Angelina, Grandma Nancy (Angelina and Annette's mother), Abbey (Angie's daughter), Annette (Jesse's mother), Tammy (Nancy's daughter-in-law).

A very happy customer taking away pizza and wings

The family seemed so happy and in unison. My hunger was satiated, but my spirits were lifted.

In this day and age -- seeing families work together, spend time together and stay together is rather unique and a precious virtue that transcends what we perceive as right and normal.


Needless to say, I had a very pleasant ride home. First seeing the beauty of Luray, then watching the beauty of a loving family.

A cold front had shoved its way through from the capes of the Shenandoah and the heavens was dumping up a storm enough to fill Lake Moomaw in the winter, but the peaceful, loving touch of this nice loving family carried me home. Yes, all the way home.


  1. Chito,

    It was so wonderful meeting you at Dollys Consignments and Gifts last Saturday. I am sorry I did not have more time to talk but I was off to the game. Although our seats are good, because of the weather we were able to sit about anywhere we wanted so we went to the 50 yard line and the club! Your blog about my family and our little store/restaurant we have just opened was very kind and considerate...We were thrilled to be included! Please come see us again soon...Fall out our way is amazing! Wishing you peace, love and many blessings! Angelina

  2. Angelina,

    It was my pleasure watching a beautiful family like yours. You, your Mom and sisters have done a superb job raising the family and teaching core family values.
    For this I highly commend you. Yes, I would love to come back.