Live, Love or Else

In life, you either just live by, or you LIVE in it.  I choose the latter.

After being pickpocketed in front of Macy's Philly and biking consolant but cheerful back to my car in Fairmount Park to grab more cash -- the only thing now left in my name, I stumbled upon something that totally brightened up my visit: couples of all types, lining up anxiously for a memorable shot in front of Robert Indiana's Love Sculpture.

There were couples, madly in love, young and old, friends, platonic and borderline lovers, some rekindling the fire after many decades, their progeny now with many children of their own, wanting to know how the fire sparked that caused Mom and Dad to become ONE.

The image of couples romancing, the line never stopping, made me truly realize that this was too good of an opportunity to let slip by. In life, you either just live by, or you LIVE in it.  I chose the latter.

I set up a camera on the platform behind by the water fountain to film time lapse to prove once and for all that while I was there, the line never stopped -- truly all day and night -- there's always some couple approaching or waiting in line to get their picture-perfect shot.  If not lovers, there are skaters -- one or the other, people tend to flock to and admire the simple but meaningful iconic image made famous by Robert Indiana.

To complete the all encompassing emotionally powerful scene, I decided to chat to couples and ask them two simple but sound questions: 1) Where did you guys meet; 2) What are your plans in the City of Brotherly Love.

The posted video is the results. I hope you find it enlightening as it was for me.  Actually the story from one of the couples resoundingly melted my heart.  My heart is still in tattered pieces as I mindfully revisit this scene.

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