Video: The Making of a Military Doc

A motivational video of the Uniformed Services University 2nd year Docs raising money to care for our Wounded Warriors.

USU has a worldwide reputation as a center of excellence for military and public health as well as for eduction and research.

When I had the pleasure to work at the Bethesda National Naval Medical Center (2004--2005), I had the opportunity to see the great work at USU staff and students.

A lot of the initial work for advanced kevlar (fiber developed by DuPont) for the purposes of ceramic plates in body armor was conducted at USU.

Military doctors not just save lives -- they go into harm's way, defend themselves and face the enemy when necessary.  They have a tough role.  LTC Lakin was one such doctor who has gone to harm's way (Afghanistan) and performed superbly.

That is why I was very surprised to hear about the refusal of LTC Lakin,  Army doctor (Birther) who refused to deploy.  He definitely wasn't looking out for his wellbeing and his family when he chose to disobey a lawful order.

Whatever the issues and appeals of the Birthers, it wasn't up to a military doctor to bring them up.  There are many people working on this and the case has been appealed to the Supreme Court.

When you sign up, you serve your Country when ordered.  If you have conscientious issues, you bring them up through your chain of command, but that shouldn't stop you from fighting for your Country.

Kudos to Military Medicine, and let's hope LTC Lakin and others learn their lesson.

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