My New Love: She's Dressed Up and Ready to Chop

Today I discovered the absolute love of my life.  She is so soft and voluptuous, sweet and surprising and lives in the new-vibrant and cosmopolitan Chinatown.

Actually, she is more flavorful when she's dressed and sexy when she's spiced up, ready for a swing.

Her name starts w/ the letter "C" and she doesn't have a last name, at least I'm not so sure.  She has family, a close relative in Virginia (Roslyn actually) and two other cousins that just moved into the city.

She's not from here originally.  She was born and raised in New York.  But she's all grown up and ready to stretch her wings.

I've known her for some time, for five years actually.  I would see her from time to time, sometimes I would walk right past her, sometimes I would even stop to say "Hi".

Today, I decided to try.  "Go for it, hot shot," I said.  I gathered up my nerves and tried my best to win over her heart, artichoke hearts, that is.

Yes, the romaine was fresh and crunchy, the naked asian salad and edamame beans were simply delectable.

But what is it about Chop't salads that gives it a thumbs-up advantage to their competition, and yes that includes my favorite Chipotle.

It's the way they actually chop the salad into tiny little pieces and wrap all the goodies into a warm, soft pancake-size tortilla that makes your heart melt from the inside out.

I know it doesn't sound too sensational, but frankly there is something delightfully new and unfound new flavors are being released when you chop up the lettuce and greens into tiny little bitty and you mix it with all that's soft and pretty.

It's called Chop't and Honey, she's my brand new fling.

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