Volunteers feed Homeless at "So Others Might Eat"

This year, both our federal and state budget deficit has grown enormously.  Programs are being cut, but we must never forget the men, women and children who sleep on the streets, especially during the winter season.

It has been reported that some 1.56 million Americans were homeless at some point in 2009.

In addition, with the recession and growing unemployment, more and more families are becoming homeless.

This year, city officials are proposing that on winter's coldest nights, the city should provide shelter first to those who can prove DC ties such as proof of a legal address.

Under DC law, the District must shelter anyone who is homeless and seeking a bed when the temperature falls below freezing.

But proving DC residency may become an oxymoron for thousands of DC homeless, and many could die on bitter, cold nights.

That is why it is critically important for us to not forget and to support our Shelters especially during these difficult winter seasons.

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