NYC -- an amazing place; The Marathon -- an amazing race

NYC is an incredible place to visit and to celebrate the beauty and diversity of all 5 buroughs and to meet the warm and exciting people from the city and all around the world.

And today, I got to see all that by running through all 5 beautiful buroughs back-to-back. It was one of the most incredible moments this year, of my life, and it was the greatest marathon I've ever experienced, by far.

New Yorkers love the marathon like they love the Yankees, the Giants and the Jets, and they came out in droves to cheer and holler for all of us, locals or not.

And the band support was incredible -- all 120 of them including the Japanese Taiko drummers and a dance marathon with all the runners dancing to the beat of Y-M-C-A in beautiful Brooklyn.

I didn't get a best time, not even close, as I soaked in the crowd, but I scored a medal -- Bronze for my 10th Marathon.

I'm so glad No. 10 was NY -- Nothing comes close to the appeal.  And if I could only do one marathon, this would be it!

I made many friends here, and yes, I'll surely be back.  In fact, I've already registered for next year.

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  1. Eh! A taiko drum troupe was there? And a Dance Marathon was going on at the same time? Now that's something I could get excited about!

    Nice run-along interview. I'll forgive you for not getting a shot at the miner.