19 Countries, 10 Miles, Six Hours within the Nation's Capital -- "A Wide World of Fun"

Please join me this Sat for the EU Embassy Open House: http://www.europe-in-dc.com/

19 Embassies will be on display and will offer food, beverages, music and culture from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

The Plan:

My plan on Sat is to visit all 19 Embassies on foot (with well worn running shoes).  If the Embassy is offering food and drink (at a fee), I will sample something small from each Embassy.  If there is no food or beverages available, then I will attempt to purchase or acquire a souvenir (token, pin, pamphlet, etc).  If the lines are too long to enter, then I will simply take a picture in front of the Embassy and move on. Either way, I will get my picture taken inside or in front of each Embassy.

Why I'm Doing This:

The idea is to participate in the festivities and to learn something from each country -- something we can take with us and together may make a lasting difference in our lives.

In addition, I will carry my Iphone (provided it doesn't rain) and tweet when I arrive at each Embassy.  Please follow me:  

Where Do We Start:

I will start by catching the first Farragut North Route bus (provided free of charge by EU Embassies' Open House -- please refer to attached map).  

The bus starts at Farragut North metro station and should arrive at the German Embassy on 4645 Reservoir Road, NW 15 minutes later.  Once I arrive at the German Embassy, I will enter and sample something delicious and head my way towards the Embassy of France.  I will continue doing this for all 19 Embassies until the last Embassy, 10 miles later (9.82 miles to be exact) : Embassy of Austria located at 3524 International Court, NW.

Projected departure times:

10:00 Germany
10:10 France
10:30 Sweden
11:00 Spain
11:15 Portugal
12:15 Italy
1:00   UK
1:30   Belgium
2:15   Poland
2:45   Czech Republic
3:15   Austria
4:00   Complete

Please note, these times can shift depending on what time we actually start the run and how long we take at each Embassy.  I will be at the Farragut North Metro Station by 9:00 AM to line up for the first bus to the German Embassy. 
 If you are running late, please call my cell: (202) 378-7500

How Do We Get Home:

Then we can catch the Red Line from Van Ness to Farragut North to fetch your car or simply metro to your starting place.


Please check out the route on Gmap: 

To get a better view, please zoom in and you can see that this route is very doable and virtually the entire route is equipped with sidewalks.  Please also note, that I have not done reconnaissance on this route -- I have just reviewed it closely using the satellite imagery on Google Earth and it looks fine and safe for running.

If you are interested in joining me, please email me. Then meet me in front of the Farragut North Metro to catch the bus NLT 9:00 AM or the German Embassy NLT 9:45 AM. 

Please bring the following:

1) Water bottle
2) Money
3) Metro card
4) ID card
5) Fanny Pack

Also recommend:

1) Camera
2) Cell phone
3) PDA (to tweet)
4) sunscreen and/or visor

Race Next Day?:

I realize that this is the day before the Pacers Running Festival in VAA, so if you are participating, I would not recommend running on Saturday.  Although the run is only ten miles, you would be expending a lot of energy visiting the Embassies, meeting people, and even standing in line.

Partly sunny with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. High in the upper 70s. NW winds 10 to 15 MPH.  Chance of rain: 50% -- I will participate rain or shine.

Sorry for the short fuse.  Believe it or not, I just came up with this idea on Wed evening and I want to run with it (no pun intended).  Also please note that this is not a DC sanctioned event -- this is just a bunch of guys and gals (or maybe it might be just little 'ole me) running together and having a  blast at the same time.

Who Will I Contact:

I will notify the EU Embassy Open House Committee on Thurs morning that I am planning this run and will also contact the Washington Post and Examiner to see if they are interested in covering it. 

For more info on this event, please visit my running blog: http://runindc.blogspot.com

Warm Regards and Happy Trails,

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