#27 - Embassy of Austria (Our Final Destination)

Start: 1635/Depart: 1700

After the welcome reception at Slovakia, I didn't know what to expect at Austria. All I knew was that the Embassy of Austria was just next door, and we were done - Yeah, at least for the day.

Yes, indeed, the welcome reception graciously put together by Mr. Wolfgang Renezder, the Director of Press and Information Services, was warm and personable. Felt like we were foot soldiers returning from an overseas deployment.

Wolfgang presents us each with authentic, Austrian champagne which warmed our hearts and made us grin from ear to ear. I've never been to Vienna, but I felt like I was already there.

Another joyous toast -- I can't believe it: We Are DONE! Now let's celebrate!

Austria -- what a beautiful country, couldn't think of a better place to end our 27-Embassy trek.
So what was the final tally? (It's hard to keep track).
  • 27 Embassies total that we actually eyeballed and touched. (Even if we couldn't get inside some, we were touched by the live performances they showcased.)
  • 16 Embassies that we were actually able to explore, sample the cuisine and get an inside taste of the art, history and culture.
  • Eight distinct DC communities visited.
  • 5 Ambassadors came out to greet us.
    • 13 stamps collected. 3 flag pins, hats, T-shirts, Olympic flags, momentos.
    • 31 Tweets made on Twitter
    • 100 pictures taken
  • 12 Miles travelled on foot.
  • Six hours that seemed to stretch for an eternity.
Memories I'll never forget and friends I made for a lifetime...

Not bad for an idea dreamed of just 72 hours prior. (Thank goodness I decided not to go to Boston on Saturday after all).

And next year? Wait, we've got 365 more days... (to procrastinate)

Thanks a zillion folks for reading and for following our historic and unprecedented adventure during the most exciting journey I've ever made on foot, and that's a fact.


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by the Embassy of Greece and the wonderful pictures you provided. could you kindly replace the map of Cyprus which is posted on Greece's page with the map of Greece? Thank you so much. From the Embassy of Greece

  2. Yes indeed. Thanks for making me aware of this. FYI -- I also reposted all the visits on a separate blog: http:embassyrun.blogspot.com

    I truly enjoyed the Embassy of Greece, even though we were only able to see it from the outside.

    Best Regards,