#24 - Embassy of Czech Republic

Start: 1552/Depart: 1601

Our run took us from Adams Morgan by Columbia Heights to Mount Pleasant, a very diverse neighborhood with beautiful Queen Anne style row houses and vendors selling Mother's Day flowers and other accessories on street corners.

After running through the heart of the town, we turned left into quaint and wooded Park Road with affluent million dollar houses.

Parts of Park Road turned dangerously narrow with a large section having no sidewalk at all. We had to make a call whether to play it safe and divert to well-lit Porter onto Connecticut and then turn back on Tilden or to brave the narrow and heavily-traffic Park.

We were determined to finish and make it to Austria in time for the finish celebration, so we pushed on with parts of park on a steep 20-30 degree incline for over a quarter of mile stretch. We were indeed huffing and puffing by now, but the smell of cold beer at Czech was all the incentive we needed.

And when we made it to the beautiful, secluded Embassy on Spring of Freedom Street, the pain and sacrifice was well worth it. We were met by our greeters in traditional folk costumes.

After getting a glass of cold Pilsener beer (or two), we enjoyed the melody from a group of Czech Romantic performers.

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