20+ Embassies, 8 Diverse Communities, 12+ Challenging Miles -- Lifetime of Memories

The route tomorrow (Sat, May 9) is going to be excitingly-vibrant, culturally-rewarding, geographically-diverse and we will visit some of the most interesting and historic areas of this great city (without ever coming with earshot of the ubiquitous National Mall).
Meanwhile we will be communicating to the rest of the world via tweets and mobile upload on facebook.
ZIG One:
We start off at the German Embassy promptly at 10:00 in the remote reaches of the city (close to the MD border).  We hold a small media event with the Ambassador. We are told "Viel Gluck" after we get stuffed with bratwurst and bier.
We run along Reservoir Road to the French Embassy. We load up with pastries wine and are told "Bonne  Chance". Then we past the prestigious Georgetown University and Medical Center.
Next is a run downhill on trendy Wisconsin through historic and scenic Georgetown.
We visit the Swedish Embassy right on the Georgetown waterfront, overlooking the Potomac and Roslyn. We are told "Lycka till" and we move on.
Then a stroll along bustling K Street towards Foggy Bottom.
A visit to Spain saying "Buena suerte" and sampling Spanish tapas  at Washington Circle; then to Malta and the Delegation of the European Commission where we meet with the Coordinators of the event and thank them for hosting such a significant event.
Then head north towards cosmopolitan Dupont Circle.
Along Massachusetts Avenue, we are hopping with nine embassies all in a cluster.  With long lines and close proximity, we probably won't be able to get in, so we'll settle for a nice photo op.
We push along uphill, slowly but surely towards Italy ("Buena fortuna"), Denmark, andUnited Kingdom where we stop to drink tea.
Then we do a quarter circle near the Naval Observatory towards Finland and Belgium on 34th St., where we are hungry for waffles and chocolate.
Finally we head east on Garfield onto Woodley and run right by the elegant Marriott Wardman on Cleveland Park
Then we push over the bridge on Calvert overlooking the scenic Rockcreek Park towards ethnically-diverse Adams Morgan.
We run on Euclid to 16th and visit Lithuania and Poland ("Posodzenia") where we eat fresh sausages.
Next, we run right past Colombia Heights onto Mount Pleasant and hang a left on Park Road
Park Road takes us through a stately neighborhood with shady, lush greenery, singing birds and other wildlife. 
Then we hang a left onto Klingle and Porter St until we merge onto Connecticut Ave.
We head a few blocks and make a right on Tilden towards the Czech Republic andHungary where our sweet tooth will be calling us to try the world-famous chimney cakes (washed down with Hungarian wine)
Then we back track on Tilden towards Connecticut.
We head north for a few blocks until Van Ness, then make a left towards UDC.
Past the campus, we make a right on International Drive to our final two destinations:Slovakia and Austria, where we will celebrate by doing the Polka and will be met by the staff for an informal welcome reception.
In Summary:

Remember, the plan is to participate in each Embassies festivities (if we can), learn something significant that will make a lasting difference in our lives.
Meanwhile we will tweet, mobile upload on Facebook and blog about our experiences when we complete our formidable run (and recover, of course).

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