On the Steps of the Capitol to Pay Tribute to America's Best

Not since Inauguration Day, have I been so inspired -- this special music-fest in the steps of the US Capitol merged music, War Heroes, Flag waving and dramatic readings from Hollywood stars.  Particularly inspiring was the story of SGT José Pequeño who was ambushed in Iraq and severely wounded when an insurgent had tossed a grenade into his Humvee.  

José lost the bottom two lobes of the left side of his brain, and the doctors from Iraq to Landstuhl to Bethesda issued the grim outlook that it would take a miracle for Jose to recover.  His mother, Nellie, and sister, Elizabeth, went immediately to his side and remained there for over three years.  They kept the Faith and stayed with Jose through 17 surgeries and many different hospitals.

This year's concert celebrated the 200th birthday of the Abraham Lincoln.  And GEN Colin Powell called on all Americans to support the wounded and their families who need and deserve our support.

After standing proudly when the orchestra played Anchors Aweigh and clapping fervently as they played the other service tunes, I was motivated to head out on my 5 mile run around the National loop.  This time, I stopped at the Vietnam Memorial to honor the fallen and to read and cherish some of the momentos that families, friends and even perfect strangers -- but all Patriots had left behind to thank and remember.

What a wonderful way to cap off a terrific weekend that started in the birthplace of freedom

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