#3 -Embassy of Sweden

Start: 1130/Depart: 1145

Our third stop--the house of Sweden, is a beautiful building with sophisticated charm and simple design. After walking through a glass entrance, you enter a magnificent reception hall with huge windows overlooking the Potomac. I personally think they have one of the best locations, (nothing beats the Georgetown waterfront), if not the best views.

Neal and Elizabeth in front of the Embassy.

The location and views of the Potomac and Roslyn across the river are Magnificent and simply out of this world.

The Swedes embraced us (well not quite, since we were all sweaty by now). But they did allow me to get close enough to take a picture.

Beautiful interior with soft wood panels and glass. Ken and I are admiring the design (in the background).

The Swedish cookies, chocolate and pastries were fantastically tasty -- like nothing I ever tried in Ikea -- just the nutrition we needed to energize our run. Plus they made my eyes water just by looking.

A little jazz for motivation before the group (in the background) gears up for the next leg. The Swedes tell us "Lycka till" and we cheerfully press on for the next 24 (Embassies, that is).

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