Anacostia Waterfront -- A View from Afloat

USS Barry pierside at the Washington Navy Yard

Today, I took a day off from running, because I knew I would be spending the evening on the river -- the majestic Anacostia that is, the river that blows a steady, cool breeze up over the River East hills on a late, summer day, invigorating and fresh like the scent of juniper in a lush, pine forest.

Why did I go?

I have indeed been a faithful and diligent resident east of the Anacostia River for the last six plus years, but I have never set sail on this mystic River before (the Potomac -- yes, indeed, onboard a 17-foot Hunter, with mainsail flapping freely with each puff of wind traversing over the Chesapeake and also swimming freestyle during last year's Nation's Triathlon.) But the good, ole Anacosita, I have unfortunately been saved and deprived of the opportunity for sail or swim.

How I got there

The drive from Anacostia over the venerable Frederick Douglas Bridge, which despite its archaic shape and ancient state provided an expansive view of the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the distraught Nats Park (there's always another season) and of course the expansive green, brown acres of Anacostia Park and the historic area, once called Uniontown.

Bet You Didn't Know

A lot of people and even lifelong Washingtonians are unaware that Anacostia Park extends over 1200 acres with hundreds of acres available for soccer fields, picnicking, basketball, tennis, and other family activity. (The Kenilworth Park, Aquatic Gardens and Kenilworth Marsh are also part of the Anacostia Park.)

As I admired the sweet view from my rolled-down window, I formed visions of exploring Kenliworth, just me and my trusted Brooks running shoes, and a pocket of Cliff shots for endurance, sprinting and prancing among the colorful summer butterflies that feed on wetland plants preserved there. One day, I thought to myself, one day soon this summer, a summer I hoped would never end.

What did I board?

So today was the big day. I was looking forward to my inaugural cruise aboard the luxurious Odyssey along the River that I cross over daily, a remarkable way to observe first-hand some of the development sites and waterfront enhancements, projected down the road, along this historic, meandering river, I've known and love for years.

Peering out on both sides of the river, I could see the familiar Hains Point and the spacious Anacostia Park - both my stompin' grounds for bike and run. And as usual, there were sports-a-holics galore on this mild, summer evening. The sun still shone bright but waning as it was prepping its demise over the grandiose Woodrow Wilson Bridge along the mighty Potomac.

I was energized to see the rowers jabbing the river with such force and strength and pushing water back as if it was solid and firm. The calm ripples glistening in the sun, stroke after stroke, blade after blade. Sweat and salt, I'm sure glistened from their temple and cheeks, but they paid that no mind.

My Participation

Over the last five months, I have participated in several fora regarding the Anacostia Waterfront at the MLK Library downtown. The sessions have been educational and enlightening, and it was wonderful meeting activists from both sides of the river

And today was a special day to cap off the first season of the Waterfront Fora and to thank those who supported and sacrificed hours upon hours during this critical and foundational planning and development phase.

Kirsten Crase, Neida Perez, Nikki Peele and Lashaun Smith discuss critical issues along the Anacostia Waterfront

Realtor, Darrin Davis, poses as the Odyssey sails under the 11th Street Bridge.

What I Learned:

A lot was discussed, a lot was discerned. For me, it was a way to get acquainted with my surroundings and to network with the River East Emerging Leaders to realize once and for all that there truly is a flowing river that runs through home and turf.


  1. What a wonderfully written piece! So evocative. Glad you could make it!

  2. AJ,
    Thanks so much for everything. Did you enjoy the cruise?


  3. Cindy,

    It was super fun, indeed -- wish you could have been there.


  4. I agree with AJ--this is definitely a beautifully written piece, as are the others I've read so far on your blog! The cruise was definitely lovely--a great opportunity to see various parts of the city from a different vantage point and to meet other people who are concerned with the well-being and future of River East.

  5. Kirsten,

    It was so nice meeting you. Thanks for all your work and research in our great community of River East.

    Wish you all the best and please let me know if you need anything.


  6. Thank you for the great article and my new title, "Realtor Extraordinaire". I love it! It was great seeing Anacostia real estate from another perspective. I had a beautiful time sailing on the Anacostia River.

    Darrin D. Davis
    Principal Broker/Owner
    Anacostia River Realty

  7. Darrin,

    Yes, you definitely deserve the title. It was great seeing ya.
    I had fun, too.