"How Do You Know" Running with Reese Witherspoon

This was the closest I got to Reese and wanted to present her my Navy coin before her bodyguard told me to keep distance. Was it my sweat or my aroma?

The production crew taking up prime real estate across the National Gallery of Art. Needless to say I was very surprised and glad in my heart

I always remind myself to bring along my camera or Iphone when I run because that leisurely stroll along the mall is like a delicious box of creme filled chocolates, ready to eat -- "you never know who you might meet."

I started my run by the State Department
When I reached Lincoln, I set my sights on Arlington
But the magnetic pull of the mall pulled me towards her

Her force was strong, I couldn't turn wrong
There was something special waiting for me, that's for sure

Little did I know that my spur of the moment run would present me with a very pleasant surprise -- a glamorous Hollywood actress sprinting through the mall like a gazelle, adrenaline pumping, sweat running, the familiar Air and Space Museum looming in the background. Reese looked like one of us. If it wasn't for the cameras and all those extras loafing around, I would have taken Reese to be another typical DC mall runner on another muggy, Washington summer day.

Come to find out, Reese is in town this summer to film her romantic comedy (along with Owen Wilson) entitled "How Do You Know." I guess I didn't really know, but sometimes you don't have to know, to get real lucky.

According to the City Paper:

The quick synopsis is Paul Rudd will play the part of a businessman vying for Witherspoon’s affections, while Owen Wilson is slated for the role of a professional baseball pitcher out to steal her heart.”

The movie also stars Jack Nicholson and the director is James L. Brooks. 

Unfortunately, I did not come prepared with my 7.2 Megapixel, Mega-Zoom camera. The following four fast action shots were dowloaded from ImageBam.com, and thus I would like to give full credit to the photographer (Jericho) for capturing such riveting and dramatic images. Seeing these images of Reese sprinting makes you want to get up and run -- at least I did.

I only wish I looked this good when I'm running

A run along the mall is indeed like a box of chocolates. Today I ran into Reese Witherspoon sprinting along a familiar stretch, crunching loose Capital gravel under her Nikes, sweat running profusely, my heart racing along.

Running along the mall is like a box of treats -- you just never know who you might meet.