Polish Dancing and Laying of the Wreaths

This morning yes, it rained
Oh no, running then I abstained
But then by Two, the sky cleared, bright and sunny
Laced my Shoe, I started out in a hurry
To make my 5-mile loop before the pouring
Although the clouds still looked dark and threatening
I didn't hark, I became a bit daring
Yes, this time I wouldn't be at all foolish
I brought my Casio Exilm and filmed the Polish

No way, I wouldn't miss out on my lifetime chance
And by the Reflecting Pool, and away I danced

The elegant Michas dancers (from Virginia Beach) and Janosik dancers (from Philadelphia)

The music was so pompous, even the public started participating in the Polka.

Even I couldn't resist. Not too shabby for a retro dancer with a broken wrist. Here, I'm waltzing with Stasha from Poland. I hope she didn't mind my body odor after running 10 miles. Didn't have the nerve to tell her.

At sunset, two dozen young ladies dressed in bridal white gowns made a procession wearing wreaths woven from herbs and flowers. Tradition has it that the girls would offer the wreaths to their boyfriends on that special night in exchange for their love and promise of marriage.

Two young girls simulate laying the wreaths in the Reflecting Pool. Depending on which side of the pool the wreaths floated signified how soon one would get married

A wreath laid at the edge of the Reflecting Pool, ready for the Canadian Geese to enjoy


  1. Very Nice- looks like a great run after all! amykramer@mac.com

  2. Hi Amy,

    Yes, it was a wonderful time. How is shift duty? I'm volunteering to help out the ITU World Championship Triathlon today in the mall.


  3. Good to meet you yesterday, thanx for coming back with your camera & posting us. Nice blog theme.
    ~ connie

  4. Connie,

    It was so nice to meet you and all the Janosik Dancers. Thanx for telling me about the wreath laying and the tradition behind it. Loved it.