Duke Ellington Jazz Festival

Today, my run along the Mall presented me a pleasant surprise:
Duke Ellington Jazz Festival on the National Mall, celebrating the music of New

The Great Duke was such a master of jazz, an American music maestro and an immense figure of the Harlem Renaissance who told the history of African Americans through music. Duke challenged traditional representation of blacks in the entertainment industry, and he is one of my hometown and national heroes.

Read the true story of Sonny Williams and his true love and admiration for Duke Ellington's incredible American music.

I had to cut my run short and Amy made a bee line from biking at Hains Point.

I get my kicks from watching folks dancing on the mall

Amy enjoying the music and the relaxing sun as sunset sinks in

Crowds cheering Irma Thomas and the Professionals by raising flags and hankies by the iconic Monument

How appropriate for such a festival with Duke's namesake to also celebrate the heritage and legends of the great city of New Orleans and her rebirth.

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