In the Loving Hands of Bethesda

Hand X-ray showing radial tear of the TFCC (select picture to enlargen)

More detailed images of TFCC tear from scope

I may not be running for quite a while--here's why..

Today is an important day for me, but also in some ways it bittersweet.

Last night I  stored away my running shoes, not leaving them by the front door as I normally do after a nice long run.  That's because I may not be running  for the next few days until my wrist recovers.

This morning after waking up and skipping breakfast, I headed straight to Bethesda National Naval Medical Center to get arthroscopic surgery on my right wrist.

After suffering from chronic tendonitis from spending too much time in front of the computer, my physical therapist recommended I get a MRI.  So, two months ago, the MRI showed I had a possible tear in my TFCC (one of the main ligaments in my wrist). 

Today, Dr. Baker and Dr. O'Brien, orthopedic surgeons at Bethesda performed an arthroscopic surgery, including a TFCC debridement  and wafer procedure. The surgeons cleaned up some of the damage in the inflamed tissue and ligament and shaved off approximately 1 mm from my ulna, the long bone in my forearm.

Thanks to the stellar surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, corpsmen and outstanding staff at the National Navel Medical Center Bethesda for taking such wonderful care of my wrist so that I will be able to run again soon and thus blog to my hearts' content.

Brother Chito with his Sister Providers (LTjg Amy Kramer and HM2) at the APU (Ambulatory Procedure Unit) in Bethesda


  1. Get better soon! We need you back blogging!

  2. I hope your wrist heals soon... We really need you back doing what you do best.

  3. So sorry to hear about your wrist. Praying for a speedy recovery :)

  4. Thanks Cindy, i really appreciate it. Hope you're doing well.