Artomatic -- The Awesome Art in Running

Today I took a big step forward and went for a quick run on the mall. I took the usual route from the back steps of the US Capitol to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and back again - a total of 5 miles roundtrip. The temperature had cooled down in the evening, so I figured this was a good time to try it out, despite my surgery and the lopsided feeling I had whilst running with the cast, steeply leaning me over to one side like an under-balanced freighter.

After the run, I decided to check out the Artomatic which is celebrating its 10th year in DC. This is also the first time that the Artomatic is held in Southeast DC, in a newly-constructed building that sits adjacent to the Navy Yard metro station, providing an eagle's eye view of the newly minted Nats Field.

Artomatic is DC's premiere artist event which every Washingtonian or art lover or both should make pilgrimage to. It is DC's most comprehensive art show providing music, mayhem and fashion. For the next month, you will see hundreds of visual and performing artists showcasing their art with flair and telling their personalized stories.

Why Running is Art:

Every single artist you talk to might say that running is really not an art - it doesn't express emotion, or bring together vast experiences into one, and it has little aesthetic value.

I beg to differ.
Canvas by Natalia Andreyeva. This artwork showcases the DC metro system which connects and brings together hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Greater Washington area every single day, SOME ARTISTS, SOME RUNNERS -- a little of both -- and some people who just like to go to random places and meet people, like me.

These artworks are from Pepe Piedra, an artist, teacher and a musician. He is a friend of mine and an extremely talented artist who uses oil, acrylics and sculpture - he is a master of expression who never fails to amaze me.

The wide open spaces with lots of natural lighting lent itself to an awesome display of artwork

Talented local poet, Neida Perez, pointing out her new metro station along the Green line.

The very talented tattoeuse, Cynthia Rudzis, of Britishink chromatically altering human skin. Cynthia was very friendly and was was happy to meet and talk with her.

So after touring the grounds, I came to realize that indeed there is a vast common ground between art and running. Whether running on the Mall or on the rugged trail, the wind whispering soothing music to my ears, exotic birds chirping their morning tunes, spectacular views of the Potomac River providing mirror images of the majestic monuments and tourists and locals all around greeting me with a wave or a cordial smile -- how is this not a liberal expression of art?

But art is truly in the eye of the beholder or in my case the graceful legs of a runner

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