Eastern Market

Check out my first Run in DC video "Eastern Market" posted on YouTube:

Check out my first Run in DC video "Eastern Market" posted on Yahoo video:

Capitol Hill is a place I call home
The streets and the alleys are where I roam
I like to run around here, I make it a habit
And when I wanna snack, I run to the market

Eastern Market, I'm delighted to see
It's open now, it's open for you and me
Two years ago, it was badly burned
Closed to the public, we were deeply concerned

Now with the renovation, the walls and the ceiling
The couples with their children, we all be chilling
The clowns and the tourists, the locals from the hub
Checking out the merchants and tasting all the grub

The streets and the sidewalks are all made of bricks
The dolls and the dragons, they're all made of sticks
Bright and beautiful, I'm glad to see
Grand opening right now, we're saving history


  1. What about the electric baseboard heating in the North Hall, a huge room with 30 foor ceilings?

    What's up with that?

  2. Mike,

    You're absolutely right. Should have mentioned the North Hall with the 30-foot ceilings.

    Maybe on my next take.