Folklife Festival -- Wales After Lunch

Today, I made my trek to the Folklife Festival after my farewell luncheon at Fogo de Chao on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I was very impressed with all the rich slabs of meat especially the picanha, succulent steak dipped in garlic paste and roasted over hickory wood.

No one can skewer many different types of meat and make it so succulent like Fogo can. And the carving -- just perfection.

Needless to say, after several servings of prime rib, sirloin and the juiciest steaks, I was in no shape to run.

But I still made my daily trek to the mall and had great fun.

Welsh storytelling and poetry

I love to listen to Welsh poetry
Majestic prose and medieval history
The Pride of Wales and how they set their country free
The tale of war, the language of love and a beautiful story

                                                      Women making wire rope

Karl Chattington making a coracle, a small, lightweight boat with an ancient lineage dating back thousands of years.

My friend Karl is making a nice coracle
If you launch it in the river, it will make a true oracle
I wonder how it floats with a load of slime barnacle
But then again the whole history of the boat is just a time miracle

"Windsong", a Bristol Channel 16 footer, was built in Cardiff on 1937.

I told Sage how impressed I was with the extent of effort and presentation that Smithsonian puts into researching, planning and showcasing the unique culture, arts, and music of the featured country.

Every year, I learn something new and meet new friends who remain friends on my Facebook account.

Caitlin Jenkins, ceramic artist, making pottery, that will one day grace a beautiful table setting
I like to see Caitlin make traditional Welsh pottery
It's plain and simple, not too gaudy
Ceramic earthenware can serve us tea or coffee
So we can sit in the shade and   admire all of life's glory

I was interviewed by Ms. Sage Sawyer of the Smithsonian

Keith Rees, a textile weaver, spinning dark Welsh wool to make thread

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