Copenhagen here I come: August 1

I'm heading to Copenhagen -- this is a last minute addition to my trip.  Why because it's very doable, that's why.

Since I'm heading to Northern Germany anyway, I've decided it might be wise to catch another train north from Hamburg through Denmark to the "most bike-friendly an hopefully runner-friendly city" in the world.

This will be my 3rd major city (after Frankfurt and Hamburg) and third country visited so far -- expecting 1 August

Here's my route.  Since Blogger only allows me to upload 2 maps at a time.  I've included my running map also in my personal email: chitopeppler.blogspot.com

The neat thing about this run is that I get to run around lakes and canals and even take a dip in the lake when I'm hot and tired.  And also to see the famous mermaid. on the rock.

Anyone have any suggestions, pls drop me a line.


  1. How fun to run in all those new places :)

  2. Hi Cindy,

    Yes, it promises to be fun and exciting. Great to hear from you.
    How is the training? CP