Going to be a Colonial

I got accepted to GW! After a nearly eight years hiatus from any type of classroom training, I am thrilled to be attending such a prestigious institution of higher learning.

Yes, it's been a while but I'm sure I'll fit in since each student is required to have at least 10 years of work experience. Wonder if my 20 years in the Navy fits the bill?

At George Washington, I will be pursuing my MBA. I want to learn business, but not just finance and accounting. I want to learn how we can use info systems and relational databases to solve problems and to provide better business decisions.

Centrally located at the heart of DC, near the State Department, the White House, Dupont Circle, and the Pentagon, George Washington is one prime spot for learning, networking and of course running.

I'm completely stoked -- Intensive training starts Aug 16th. Yes, it will be a cultural adjustment returning to school, but I am ready to work hard and to fit in.

The schooling starts soon and the running never ends..

How long will I be a student -- at GWU -- depends on the curriculum. But in life, hopefully for the rest of my lifetime.

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