Sir Elton and Billy Joel -- Face 2 Face in Nats Park

The Rocket Man with the Piano Man

Getting together after playing the finale -- Wow, they went the entire 9 innings and kept us on the edge of our seats.

Sir Elton thanking the warm Washington welcome

Amazing pic of Billy Joel hitting piano with rubber mallet singing "You May be Right"

I run with Elton John, almost every day -- on my Ipod Nano that is.

Elton John was my childhood star in the 80's when I would sing the lyrics to "Uptown Girl" everyday in school.

Last night, my dream came true for me.

Two of the music industry's finest piano men, Elton John and Billy Joel toured the Nation's Capital at Nats Park, and I had the pleasure and good fortune to be invited for a complimentary show -- Yes, I was given free seats -- you wouldn't believe it -- my Genie was extra gracious last night.

I was leisurely sitting outside the park, just enjoying the music and summer breeze, blowing through the jasmine of my mind.

That's when ticketing approached me. Guess they were feeling sympathetic or just extra generous or maybe a little of both.

And yes, I was completely shocked.

Billy Joel was my first concert 23 years ago and I had never seen Elton John live. Next to the Inaugural Concert at the Lincoln Memorial, this was the best concert I have ever attended.

The high tech and snazzy stage and background LED made for a fun light show -- better than any fireworks after Nats games.

The ballpark was full -- I had never seen so many people in at Nats Park -- even when the Red Sox came to town. The Field crew transformed the baseball field into a great concert park almost overnight. Amazingly, like for the Nats games, I was able to find parking just 3 minutes away on Half Street.

Needless to say, I was quite thrilled after my Solomons bike ride to attend the inaugural concert at Nats Park -- my stomping grounds and event that will live permanently.

I was able to get great 3rd base field seats with awesome views of Elton John -- he was about the distance from the pitcher's mound to home base.

Performing "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"

The entire concert consisted of 31 songs over 3 1/2 hours. All the songs they played were oldies -- from the early 80's and back -- my kind of era.

A funny thing happened when Elton John broke his pedal and Joel came to the rescue by singing an impromptu but funny "Battle Hymn of the Republic." -- what a great save.

Singing "Piano Man" -- my old time favorite

My all-time favorite line: "He's talking with Davey who is still in the Navy and probably will be in for life" -- I remember listening to this before I joined the Navy and sure enough that was my fate.

Sir Elton waves to the crowd -- here I'm waving back.

This was an experience of a lifetime -- dreams do come true, for those who can afford to sit and wait.

Many times, Elton John got up on top of his piano. What a performance -- bought back sweet, tender memories of music I grew up with and still listen to.

The audience got their money's worth. A baseball park is a great, sentimental venue for a concert for two of our all-time All Stars.

Billy Joel raising his hand and ring finger showing that he is once again single while singing "Piano Man" with Sir Elton.

"Paul is a real estate novelist who never had time for a wife"

Piano Man means a lot to me -- it is an all time great with a depressing underlying story.

The story is people who never do anything with their lives will be caught in the monotonous daily routine of work and have only to look forward to going to the bar on Sat nights.

It is a all time classic with great lyrics and a relevant story -- I find myself humming this song to myself often when I'm running.

Wow -- Rocket Man and Piano Man -- what a incredible Double Header. And the Nats Win (Finally)!

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