Crossroads to Europe

This August, I am arriving at a critical and important juncture in my life.  I am completing 20 years active duty in the Navy.  This wonderful journey in my life started in 1984 when I enlisted right out of high school.  I have travelled extensively while in the Navy, but never have gone overseas by myself for personal reasons.

After 20 years in service and 10 years as a public affairs officer, I am also hanging up my hat and transitioning to the civilian sector.

First, I am returning to school to George Washington University to pursue an MBA.

Because of this critical juncture and life-changing transition, I decided to take a journey overseas to explore both the surroundings and the inner reaches of my quest.

This is what I aspire to do
  • I want to visit several countries including countries in Eastern Europe.
  • I want to travel from one body of water to another (south to north or vice versa)
  • I want to enjoy the Eurorail experience (that means to minimize traveling by air)
  • I want to stay primarily at Hostels to meet people and to experience what it is like to backpack through Europe on a shoestring budget.
  • I want to use this time to reflect on my life and to focus on what's important and to understand the true lessons I can really gain from this experience
  • Besides a basic plan on where I want to go, I don't really have the entire trip mapped out.  I just want to live one day at a time to travel and to explore and I only need to return in time to start my residency at GW by Sunday, Aug 16th.
  • I want to document this experience with social media (such as this blog, create videos to post on Youtube and Microblog (Facebook and Twitter)
  • I want to run, swim, and/or bike in each of the major cities (to see more, and to train for the Half Ironman in Cancun on Sept 20).


  1. Seems like a very hectic schedule. Why not slow down & smell the roses instead.

  2. Because that would be too easy. But you never know, I just might do that. Thanks for suggesting.