Heading to Istanbul -- The Muslim Capital of Capitalism

I'm heading to Istanbul on a whim and a prayer...


After not getting a seat on the overly crowded Space-A flight to Ramstein (it was an active MEDEVAC flight), I drove back home dejected but hopeful for another day.

"What shall I do, now?" I wondered out loud. Frustrated but still faithful, I came up with a bold, new, outlandish plan.


I will still run in Europe. However, there is now a new twist to the whole trip.

I will not start my journey in Germany, Europe's Eurorail core.

Instead, I will start my excursion in the far reaches of Europe--in Istanbul, the crossroads between two disparate continents. I will spend the better part of the weekend there and will swim in the Bosphorus Strait. This is the body of water that separates the European and Asian side of Istanbul.

I know it's just another body of water, but there is something magical or romantic about swimming in a narrow body of water that separates two of the largest continents (in population and significance.)


From there, I plan to catch a train "The Orient Express" from Istanbul to Budapest and spend the night. Yes, I know it's going to be a 48-hour plus ride, but perhaps not as scenic as I would like. But I want to do it for the experience, good or bad -- something you cannot buy in travel guides. In a time of rush, rush (and yes, I do need to get back in a hurry to jump into school), the train and ride will be a welcomed oasis of calm and tranquility.

Next will be another sleeper to Prague where my fun and exciting journey will continue. My final European city will be Berlin, I hope. I have to be in school by the 16th, or else I'll be in big trouble. (I hope my GW professor is reading this, just in case I don't make it back with sound mind...)
But then I'm sure he will appreciate the fact that this trip will definitely open up my mind to many areas of world economics, organization and leadership.


All the while, I will be blogging my journey as well as shooting several clips and videos for YouTube.


Travel is key to the open mind and open world, and I want to tell this story on behalf of others.

And Istanbul is an emerging Muslim city where capitalism is rampant and pays no respect to the rigid
hierarchies of power.

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