Berlin: "The Hub of Culture" and my plan to Run it

Proposed Itinerary: 31 July

Berlin, the old capital of Prussia and the capital of the reunited Germany,  will be my next stop (approximately 31 July) after Frankfurt

My plan is to start running from the Hauptbanhof (train station) towards the US Embassy.  The reason for the run to the Embassy is because of the link to the 9 May 27-EU Embassy run in DC:

The route will be an approximately 8 mile course:

(Please refer to the Google Map above)

** The famous Tiergarten (German for Animal Garden and a large park in the center of Berlin)

**  Potsdamer Platz (public square)

** Checkpoint Charlie (name given by the Western Allies to a crossing point between East and West Berlin

** Holocaust Memorial and Jewish Museum

** Leipziger Platz an octagonal square in the center of Berlin. It is located along Leipziger Straße just east of and adjacent to the Potsdamer Platz. Leipziger Platz was reduced to ruins during the Second World War and once part of the no man's land surrounding the Berlin Wall, but has since been reconstructed in its original configuration, albeit with modern architecture.

If any one has any suggestions of other neat places to add to the run, or if anyone would like to join me on the run or meet up with me at any of the historic sites, please send me a note (via this blog or via twitter)

I will be tweeting at major stops, so you will know where I am in my run.  (I heard there's good WiFi there)

My username is http://twitter.com/runindc

Let's see how this goes...

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