Southern Maryland by the Bay

Awaiting Permission to Land -- looks just right -- the Tide is high and the water's edge calm.

This is the same scene from Elisavietta's "Awaiting Permission to Land" -- was so glad that I finally got to see it with my own eyes.

The weather has just been perfect: Peaceful blue skies, invigorating sunshine and pleasant breeze, this has been more like spring than summer.

A perfect day, to swim some laps at the base pool -- then off to Broomes Island to Elisavietta Ritchie and Clyde Farnsworth's house on the scenic Potomac for some very refreshing and inspiring literature, music, art, poetry, stories, and some good down-home fun and hospitality.

I met so many great authors and artists -- there were multi cultures and multi talents.

What a wonderful opportunity to listen and learn.

And the scenery was so majestic and peaceful -- the windswept waves lapped against the green, lush shoreline.

What I Discovered:

While I went for a brisk walk, I realized that at this point in my life, attending MBA is exactly what I need. Earlier this summer, I was disillusioned, thinking that my destiny was to attend law school.

Quite frankly, the Executive MBA program at GWU could serve as an excellent foundation to learn how I could best develop blogging into a full-fledge social media company.

Then off to Solomons Island for some down jumbo shrimp and male crabs with zesty cajun seasoning. Although legendary Stoney's was next door, I was perfectly fine eating at the bait and tackle shop next door.

I even got a chance to see Capt Bunky charter boat return to port with a load full of fisherman and striped bass "Rock fish".

Here a member of the crew is filleting a nice size striped bass.

After the delicious, wholesome seafood and refreshments, I went for a lovely bike ride on my Cannondale around the island.

What a day -- art, friends, food, workout -- then off to DC -- what else was in store today? How about EJ and BJ? Press on Shippie!

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